Helen Hunt, Actor, Director, Screenwriter


Tracy is an incredible resource.  Grounded, honest, experienced and loving, this is the person you want to talk to before and as you talk to your kids about sexuality. She is a gem.  Work with her years before you think it's time to.  You'll be so glad you did.

Stu Semigran, President of Educare

"Heart-centered...caring...easy to work with..."

Tracy Levine Wallace has been an important part of the EduCare Foundation’s ACE program for many years. She brings her warmth, sensitivity and ability to connect to all her workshops. She's a heart-centered and caring individual who is easy to work with and asset to our team.  

Margalit Ward, Life Coach,
Co-founder Women In Business Network

"...humor, respect and sensitivity..."

Tracy and I have worked together for many years. I have always been impressed by her ability to facilitate groups dealing with sensitive and personal topics related to adolescent development. Tracy is a master educator and presenter, using humor, respect, and sensitivity to put people at ease and make her audience feel supported and comfortable. I always look forward to the opportunity to work with Tracy and value the knowledge and passion she brings to her workshops. 

Shawna Draxton, PhD,
Executive Director, WISH Charter Schools

"Engaging...culturally sensitive...valuable asset..."

Tracy Levine Wallace and her Can We Talk Health Education workshops have been a valuable asset to our parents in preparing them to be better informed and comfortable in talking with their preteens and teens about sexual development. She shares her expertise in an engaging and culturally sensitive way bringing warmth and humor to her talks. We are very grateful to have her as a resource for our school community.

Ayn Gailey, Harvard EdM, Writer,
Random House, Harper Collins, Elle, Cosmo

"A truly important parent resource."

I love Tracy's modern, straight-forward approach to talking about sexual health, dating and like-minded topics with kids. After hearing rave reviews about her from educators and parents, I organized a private group of parents/friends so that she could teach us how to talk to our kids about sex-related topics and what to expect from puberty and middle school hormones. This is a must-do for every mom and dad of a soon-to-be middle-schooler.

~ Patty Cason MS, FNP-BC,
Assistant Clinical Professor UCLA School of Nursing

"Professionalism, integrity, commitment."

It has been my great pleasure to have worked with Tracy Wallace on a training project that involved many different people and several iterations. During the process, the team benefited immensely from her leadership. Tracy’s professionalism, integrity and commitment to providing quality work insured that the product was excellent. Tracy is a highly competent health education specialist on sexual and reproductive health who displays respect for diverse beliefs and values regarding human sexuality and an ability to put people at ease discussing sensitive topics. In addition to Tracy’s professional competency,  her sense of humor and general empathetic and kind personality make working with her delightful.

~ Sara Barthol, MSW, LCSW, PPSC, CST

"An amazing expert."

Tracy is an amazing expert and teacher in her field. She has a style that makes for a comfortable learning environment. She has a wealth of knowledge from years of experience in multiple settings and venues in the field of sexuality. She has a relaxed style and is able to use humor whenever possible (as this is always extremely helpful when discussing challenging topics in the field of sexuality). The fact that she is a mother of two daughters and is constantly working to keep herself abreast of new and significant research in the field speaks to her value as an educator as she is motivated not just professionally but also personally.