Tracy Levine Wallace, MPH, is passionate about helping schools and organizations educate pre-teens, teens and the adults in their lives on the subject of sexual health and reproduction. No blushing required.

As a trusted expert in Health Education and creator of Can We Talk Health Education, Tracy offers her services to the following groups: 

caregivers & School personnel

Can We Talk Health Education is a resource for increasing your knowledge and comfort level when discussing sexual and reproductive health issues with kids. Our workshops are designed to empower and educate adults in a relaxed, supportive environment and to provide improved communication skills to support any adult striving to help kids today as they navigate through this increasing sexualized world.

Our goal is to share helpful age-appropriate information and communication tools so you won’t have to squirm, blush or altogether avoid this subject when interacting with kids in your life.


Children deserve honest, simple, age-appropriate, medically accurate facts about sexual and reproductive health and development. Using humor, warmth and engaging activities, our workshops cover normal sexual development and provide students with practical and useful information. Sessions include ample time for Q & A and helpful on-line resources to encourage continued learning.


some of the schools we've served

The Brentwood School, Westchester Lutheran School, de Toledo High School, WISH Charter MiddleSchool, New Roads Middle and High Schools, The Episcopal School of Los Angeles, Paul Revere Middle School, ACTON of Venice, Chandler School, Ocean Charter School, Valor Academy Middle School, Westchester Secondary Charter School, Stella Charter Academy, Mar Vista Elementary School, Rise Kohyang Elementary + Middle School + High Schools, and many more...



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Puberty & Human Development

Porn and Sexting

Affirmative Consent

Gender Identity

Healthy Relationships

Birth Control


Talking With Your Pre-teen about Puberty and Sexual Health

Values Clarification


Curriculum development

Customized classes and topics 

Staff Training

School Assemblies

School Courses

Private Events & Workshops

Family Consultations

Public Speaking

Parent Groups

Video Courses (coming soon)



Los Angeles & Southern California. Out of State availability upon request