PRIVATE EVENT- Talking with Your Tween about Puberty, Porn and Consent
5:30 PM17:30

PRIVATE EVENT- Talking with Your Tween about Puberty, Porn and Consent

This event will provide parents of middle school students with information and tools to encourage healthy family conversations about sex, relationships, digital safety, the dangers of pornography and much more. Hand outs will be provided along with an extensive Q and A available for all participants. English and Spanish. 

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6:30 PM18:30

Talking with your Tween about Puberty & Sexual Development. At WISH Charter School

With such easy access to information through the internet and media, it is more important than ever that we talk honestly to our children about changes in their bodies, what to expect in puberty, and issues of dating and sex.

I am leading this workshop to help parents and the community tackle these issues. I hope you can make it. Childcare will be available. Please see the flier for more information.

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12:00 PM12:00


I'm excited to be conducting a workshop at New Roads School in Santa Monica for 9th graders. Here are just a few things I plan on covering for the kids and staff.

Why discuss sexual health? Taking charge of your sexual health is part of being a responsible young woman.  

How do you define sexuality? Sex?  

Making choices

  • Why do some people choose to become sexually active? Why do some people choose abstinence? Can you move back in forth between the two? 
  • What can you do if you want to choose one and your partner wants to choose the other
  • What if you’re not sure which you want? 

Having a plan

  • Having a pregnancy and STI prevention plan: what does that look like?
  • Birth control overview- long acting reversible contraceptives (Implant and IUDs most effective methods available)
  • What does having an abstinence plan look like? Support from partner, friends, avoiding alcohol and drugs, etc.
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