Teachable Moment to Talk About Periods- Thanks to Fu!

Photo by ssuaphoto/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by ssuaphoto/iStock / Getty Images

For many young girls from America to Armenia, the subject of menstruation still remains taboo. Social media went crazy when a brave Chinese swimmer spoke up this week about being on her period. Girls, teens and women deserve honest and accurate information about their menstrual cycles but above all else, messages and conversations should be of normalizing and di-mystyfying this natural part of women's reproductive health.

Speaking with your daughter's about Fu Yuanhui's interview with the press is a fantastic teachable moment about why it is perfectly okay to discuss being on your period. The more young girls hear these messages, the farther we will have come in removing stigma, shame and embarrassment around this normal and important part of the female experience. 

Read the article below to get the full story and why this swimmer is receiving praise for talking about her period.