Be more than just a spectator...use the Olympics as TEACHABLE MOMENTS!

Photo by amanalang/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by amanalang/iStock / Getty Images

Below is a terrfic article from Common Sense Media on how to create teachable moments when viewing the Olympics with your family. 

I would like to add one other topic, that they did not include in their list,  and that is using the Olympics to discuss positive body image. Olympic athletes from all corners of our world come in many shapes and sizes. They're acknowledged for the beauty of their strength, how they use their bodies to achieve tremendous success, and overcome arduous obstacles whether or not they get to stand on the podium and receive a medal. As parents who want to foster healthy body images for our children, we can take the time of watching the Olympics with our family to notice physical attributes which aren't usually seen in a positive light like the the large, muscular strong shoulders of the female swimmer and the powerful thighs of the female gymnasts. We can use these media moments to provide girls with an alternative way to look at the all too pervasive and unhealthy standard of beauty which depicts stick, thin women with often undernourished bodies, "thigh gaps" and surgically enhanced boobs and butts as the only standard for a physically beautiful woman.  The Olympics can not only bring our nation and the world together in positive ways, but it can also be used to bring our families together, encourage our daughters to see how beauty comes in many shapes and sizes and champion them for all and everything they are. 



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