Helping Tweens + Teens Cope with Stress


Kids today are experiencing more stressful lives than ever before but are not receiving the basic skills to manage and release this potentially negative influence on their lives. 

This article from the journal Psychological Science examines a simple and effective technique for helping tweens and teens cope with stress.

The article states, "The breadth and depth of adolescent depression and anxiety is well established. A 2015 study found that nearly 11 percent of teenagers experience depression; other reports have even higher figures. Between sixth and 10th grade, the rate of depression doubles for boys and nearly triples for girls. And studies show that while a large percentage of teenagers face high stress on a daily basis, rates of coping skills are weak."

Whatever coping techniques you help to teach and even better MODEL for your children, you are helping to set them up to be more resilient and better equipped to deal with what comes their way.